Next Generation Sequencing in Clinical Research “Results and Lessons Learned”

BioPharma users leverage the power of Genome Trax to identify human genome variations of functional significance by mapping their NGS data to known elements such as disease mutations and regulatory sites.  Dr. Andreas Kremer from ERASMUS Medical Center, discusses the next generation sequencing data analysis tool and how Genome Trax is able to transform the NGS data.

Learn about:

  • Prioritizing mutations from whole exome or whole genome sequencing
  • Impact of your human variant on disease risk, gene regulation and protein function
  • Removing biologically irrelevant mutations and identifying novel ones
  • Discovering disease genes, drug targets and pathways linked to your variations
  • Gene regulation changes by mapping novel mutations to known

For Research Focused:  Life threatening disease such as oncology, CVD, inflammation, metabolic, CNS, immunology, respiratory, and congenital disorders

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