Analysis of TAL1 ChIP-seq Intervals

Transcription factors are recognized as important components of signaling cascades controlling all types of normal cellular processes as well as response to external stimulus, conditions of disease, drug treatment, and more. However, comparatively few known transcription factor binding sites have been experimentally characterized relative to the total number of binding sites expected. With the advance of next generation sequencing (NGS) technologies, namely ChIP-seq, researchers now have the ability to study transcription factor binding sites on a genome-wide scale.

This webinar discusses the advantages that ChIP-seq technologies offer over traditional binding site analysis and demonstrate a typical application of ChIP-seq through the analysis of TAL1 intervals in two haematopoietic lineages using the ExPlain™ analysis system.

Learn about:

  • Application of ChIP-seq to the discovery of transcription factor binding sites and composite modules
  • Strengths and weaknesses of ChIP-seq compared to traditional binding site analysis methods
  • Use of the ExPlain™ analysis system for analysis of ChIP-seq data

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