Integrating HGMD® and Genome Trax Data in a Large Scale Variant Analysis Platform

Analyze whole genome or whole exome sequencing data or identify relevant variants.

Learn about HGMD and Genome Trax solutions for your variant analysis.  Alexandre Dionne-Laporte, Bioinformatics Team Supervisor at Centre de recherche du CHUM (CRCHUM), will present how their team used the databases to analyze whole genome / exome data for their life science research.

The presentation summarizes the use of HGMD and Genome Trax databases for the bioinformatics analysis purposes. The research team at CRCHUM combined the public domain information and curated data from BIOBASE to obtain a high-throughput pipeline that provided a selection of interesting variants, in regards to but not limited to, diseases-related genes, miRNAs and pathways.

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