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TRANSFAC® Professional 2014.2 Public
Factors 21,567 6,133
miRNAs 1,006 n/a
DNA sites 39,931 7,915
mRNA sites 18,074 n/a
Factor-DNA-Site links 54,121 yes
miRNA-mRNA site links 54,277 n/a
Genes 80,094 2,397
ChIP-chip/Seq Fragments 13,843,246 n/a
Matrices 5,440 398
References 32,152 flat file only
Promoter Sequences 297,402 n/a
Search Options
Use of Boolean operators / advanced filtering yes no
Customizable / exportable search results yes no
Export FASTA sequences yes no
Analysis Capabilities
Analyze included promoters yes no
Visualize gene regulation networks yes no
Data Download
Flat file format yes no
Martch, Patch, Catch algorithms yes no
Match plug-in for CLC bio’s Genomics Workbench yes no