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Looking back at 2015 and ahead to 2016

In this post, we share some of the trends and milestones that mattered most to us in 2015, and dust off our crystal ball for a sneak peek at 2016. For the genomics community, 2015 kicked off with a bang: in the US, President Obama announced the Precision Medicine Initiative, a federal initiative showing buy-in » Read More

Defining Promoter Sequences

Defining Promoter Sequences

Webinar: Promoter selection and its impact on differential gene expression analysis Studies of differential gene expression patterns using micro-array and RNA-seq technologies provide insight into the molecular mechanisms responsible for changes in gene expression. TRANSFAC, a unique knowledge-base containing published data on eukaryotic transcription factors and miRNAs, binding sites, and regulated genes can be leveraged » Read More

HGMD: A view into comprehensive coverage

HGMD® is widely accepted as the gold standard for information about published inherited disease mutations, but what makes it such a great resource? In short, it’s HGMD’s comprehensive literature coverage. But what does comprehensive mean, and is it really a big deal? Comprehensive means identifying every published article that describes a germline mutation and assessing » Read More