As a bioinformatician or computational biologist, you’re most often putting your programming skills to use mining biological data in order to identify trends within the data itself or to prepare it for use in analyzing high-throughput data sets derived from micro-array, ChIP-chip, ChIP-seq, RNA-seq, whole exome/genome sequencing or other technologies.

Why should you download BIOBASE data?

  • Data is made available via a relational database, flat files or API, therefore you are not restricted to the web interface.
  • Regular content updates are provided and easily down-loadable during your subscription period.
  • Local installation behind your firewall on Oracle or MySQL platforms allows added security to your in-house analysis.
  • Relational database schema and documentation is provided for ease of integration into your own or 3rd party analysis pipelines and tools.
  • Access to our collection of precompiled MySQL queries and Perl programs provide working examples from which to create your own queries and programs.

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Human mutation and variant analysis solutions (HGMD® and Genome Trax™) which provide content specific to inherited disease mutations and other genomic features with biological significance, coupled with analysis tools optimized for making sense of NGS-identified variations.

Gene regulation analysis solutions (TRANSFAC® and ExPlain™) which provide content specific to experimentally characterized transcription factor binding sites and their derived positional weight matrices (PWMs), coupled with analysis tools for prediction of uncharacterized transcription factor binding sites and analysis of microarray, ChIP-chip, ChIP-seq, and RNA-seq data.

Functional analysis solutions (PROTEOME) which provide content specific to genes, diseases, pathways, and drugs, coupled with analysis tools designed to identify the hidden connections between them.