BIOBASE’s solution for biologists offers a collection of online databases and tools packaged according to applications spanning from gene regulation, pathway analysis to mutation and variant analysis.  Our user interface and reports are designed to help biologists interpret their experimental data and quickly answer complex biological questions specific to their research, making it easier and quicker for you to plan experiments and evaluate the next steps in your research program.

Why should you get access to BIOBASE’s tools and databases?

  • We read the same literature you do, save time by using our simple search interface to answer biological questions of interest to you without reading lists of references.
  • All our content is backed up by the original literature from which it was curated, so you can always be confident with data quality and accuracy.
  • Keep up-to-date with the literature, your subscription provides you with frequent updates to stay current in your research area.
  • Access complimentary public domain offerings, seamlessly navigating via selected external links.
  • Create your own personal account with options to save, import and export data easily.
  • Make sense of large data sets, derive the maximum value from your experimental data with powerful analysis tools.

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Human mutation and variant analysis solutions (HGMD®) which provide information specific to inherited disease mutations with biological significance, coupled with analysis tools like Variant Analysis which are optimized for making sense of NGS-identified variations.